Blind Review and PathPresenter Partner to Eliminate Expert Witness Bias in Pathology Malpractice Cases

Cincinnati and Montville, NJ | March 11, 2024 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Blind Review, LLC, the secure digital platform for eliminating expert witness bias, and PathPresenter, the global image sharing platform for pathology, today announced a strategic partnership ushering digital pathology into the medical malpractice space. This alliance will revolutionize how pathology expert reviews are conducted in malpractice cases, transforming it from the old-school, glass-slide model to a cutting-edge, digital model that increases efficiency, streamlines access, and simplifies the traditional pathology review.

Blind Review specializes in removing hindsight, financial, and party-identity bias from expert witnesses through a proprietary digital platform and customized process. Once onboarded to the platform, experts are digitally placed into the shoes of the treating physician. As the care-story unfolds, the expert’s opinion is captured at each critical point of care, all while shielding the identity of the attorney, client, and care outcome. Importantly, the process prevents the expert from knowing what comes next without first committing to an opinion based only on the records available at that point in the care – eliminating hindsight bias.

PathPresenter is a secure and scalable multi-tenant enterprise pathology workflow platform that has been developed by pathologists with deep domain knowledge and experience. Trusted by over 45 tier-one medical institutions, PathPresenter is the most comprehensive image management/viewing suite available for clinical care, remote consultations, education, and research.

Pathologists play a critical role in reviewing medical malpractice cases for disease diagnosis or when timing of an injury or cause of death is in question. PathPresenter has taken the desktop microscope and transformed it into a state-of-the-art digital viewer that pathologists can access anytime, anywhere to review microscopic evidence in a legal case. Utilizing PathPresenter’s cloud-based, clinical consultation platform, Blind Review’s proprietary process is far more efficient and eliminates the risks and limitations that come with glass slides.

“Juror’s trust in experts has fallen to levels below where they were before the pandemic, and we continue to see very large, unexpected verdicts,” says Blind Review’s CEO and attorney-founder, Stephanie Franckewitz. “Independent research supports that a blinded expert doubles the chances of a favorable verdict because jurors perceive them as significantly more credible. We are proud to partner with PathPresenter, and we are in good company, as many of the world’s elite medical institutions use PathPresenter on a day-to-day basis in their pathology departments.”

“PathPresenter’s partnership with Blind Review brings the practice of expert pathology review within the medical malpractice space into the 21st century,” adds Patrick Myles CEO of PathPresenter. “Whether in the courtroom or in the pathology lab, expert opinion is all about trust. By partnering with Blind Review, we’re enabling a never-before-seen way to restore jurors’ trust in experts.”

About Blind Review, LLC
Blind Review is the digital platform that provides the infrastructure to eliminate expert witness bias in medical malpractice cases. We deliver a strong competitive advantage to the trial teams who share our vision: Unbiased, reliable, and trustworthy expert opinions. Blind Review digitally places the expert into the shoes of the treating healthcare provider. As the care-story unfolds, the expert’s opinion is captured at each critical point of care, all while shielding the identity of the attorney, client, and care outcome. Simple and intuitive, our cloud-based interface allows robust customization, with the ability to deliver our unique Blind Review process across multiple specialties within a single case. Blind Review’s platform includes seamless integration with a secure cloud-based Radiology PACS system and Digital Pathology system, with state-of-the-art viewers.

About PathPresenter
PathPresenter is the global image sharing platform for pathology. We are on a mission to help democratize access to the world’s pathology knowledge by connecting pathologists to the vast expertise of their colleagues globally and providing a practical platform to access and use best-in-class AI models. Founded by dermatopathologist and digital pathology pioneer, Dr. Rajendra Singh, PathPresenter has been adopted by 45+ tier one medical institutions for clinical care, education, and research, and has built a thriving community of 50,000+ users in 172 countries to easily view and share digital pathology images and knowledge.


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