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PathPresenter is building the much- needed ‘roads and bridges’ to connect the world’s pathologists, institutions, and pharma companies to easily share image data, AI algorithms, and domain expertise. With our mission to help democratize access to the world’s pathology knowledge, PathPresenter is committed to partnering with like-minded industry vendors to help bring the best workflow solutions to pathologists, researchers, and institutions.

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Recent Industry Partnerships

Opportunities to partner across the digital pathology ecosystem


The breadth and capabilities of whole slide scanners is changing at a fast pace. Ensuring compatibility with all major file formats is a key goal for PathPresenter.


We want to put best-in-class AI models to work in hospitals and pharma, so we are partnering with AI/ML vendors to make that happen.

Storage and Compute

Storage is a vital component in the digital pathology workflow. We partner with leading cloud, on-premise, and hybrid providers to provide the best solution for institutions.

Medical Image Exchange

In a multi-ology digital world, pathology is the next “ology.” We’re keen to partner with enterprise imaging and medical image exchange vendors to offer unique value to institutions and patients.

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