PathPresenter for Clinical Care

Practical clinical workflow for modern institutions

Our clinical digital pathology software empowers pathologists to receive, view, and sign out cases from their institution – or from remote second opinion cases uploaded from around the world – directly in their institution’s existing LIS, bringing the control and organization of the clinical workflow back to the end user.


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Receive, view, and sign out cases from your institution – or from second opinion cases uploaded from around the world

As a “sharing first’ platform, PathPresenter is designed to connect hospitals and pathologists to other institutions and experts, whether in the same state, country, or around the world. We help institutions expand their remote second opinion programs globally, while removing the significant costs to ship glass slides around the world. Further, our platform integrates seamlessly into the consulting hospital’s existing infrastructure, making the leap to digital much easier for the pathologist.

Learn how digital pathology is transforming the delivery of remote second opinions

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Receive, view and sign-out in your existing LIS

Sign-out workflow has never been easier. A simple mouse click within your existing LIS opens the PathPresenter viewer where the pathologist can view case slides and access best-in-class AI models. 

LIS integration through a proprietary HL7 middleware layer

Our proprietary HL7 engine populates the metadata into the LIS. Within the LIS, it creates an internal accession number that allows the images to be linked to the case.

Scanner-agnostic platform

PathPresenter is scanner agnostic, and is compatible with all major scanner file formats.

Access best-in-class AI models with the PathPresenter viewer

Our platform integrates with multiple AI vendors with the overall goal of improving patient care and making pathology diagnosis more robust, timely and accurate.

Easily Bookmark Interesting Cases for Education or Research

Interesting cases are easily bookmarked and sent into folders for de-identification and use in tumor boards, conferences, research, or education.

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PathPresenter is available for primary diagnosis in the US during the COVID-19 public health emergency. In other countries, PathPresenter is intended for research and educational purposes only.